Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I hereby solemnly swear to play nice in the sandbox of life - Approach ability

After more than a few conversations and planning sessions this weekend. I was left thinking, praying, feeling and reeling. Hmmm. Deep thoughts by Jack Handy. Or not. I work in a public capacity. I'm on most of the time. But when I'm off. I'm off. Until I'm not. Makes no sense right? Exactly. 

Our office mission is Committed to Service, Committed to YOU! I love it. We go the extra mile for our constituents. Hell, since my boss knows 3/4 of the County; was raised with 1/2 and by the other 1/2, we go the extra mile often for folks that aren't even our constituents. We have a great team and we back each other up.  If I see someone in need of assistance or advocacy be it with a store employee or government actor, I often step in and try to help. I love my Seniors that are glad if you can get them the services they need, or young folks who are happy to get freebies. I like helping people, so I like talking to people, being around them, ect, ect, ect.

And when that's all done. I want to be left alone. 

I like to think that I'm pleasant, approachable, nice even. Although there are many times, I really don't want to be bothered.  I'm just trying to get the kids to school, get gas, get through the store or gym. I'm not trying to hear about any problems or even chit chat. Keep it movin chief - ya heard?

Alas, I have now been called out on this practice.... and I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

It started with the inadvertent question of being approachable. Which was met with a chuckle and the response "I'm so glad I was forced to get to know you because if not, I would have NEVER figured you are all sunshine and giggles" and "You'd never know how sweet you are, you can seem like a total B in passing" The there was the "Well sometimes you breeze by, no hello, fast walk, all  business - but I figure that's just your NY" comment. Ummm - I'm from Indiana dude. 

I can't say I was shocked, its not the first time I've been told that I'm not what's expected. I don't mean to appear stand off but I do have a low tolerance for foolishness, I'm often short on time and can be preoccupied. All of those things can lead to me breezing by cutting around folks, sand greeting. Which is a shame because I love a toothy hello.

Then there is my BS meter. My DNC boy described me as ready, willing and happily able to call out bullshit on the regular. Its good for my profession, and the folks I'm cool with appreciate it but can lead to a not so nice impression if you don't know me. 

Funny thing is I'm nice (to an extent), kind of a push over and really silly at times.  Most importantly I don't want my character to be mistaken for something I'm not and impact my ability to get the work done. 

So as I move into a more public role and phase in life, I hereby vow to work at being more approachable: I will smile more often. I will be conscious and conscientious of the fact that I may have my " NY" on and its killing my pleasant demeanor. I will smile and turn my head as if I'm interested. I will cease and desist my cold blank stare and lastly and most importantly: I will reserve BS call outs only for close friends and family, and will do so only with genteel words and pictures. 

Sincerely  Angela M. Angel

** Caveat Emptor - This contract shall become null and void upon the utterance of nonsense  bullshit and ridiculousness. This contact is non-enforceable between the hours of 11:30 p.m to 8:30 a.m. This contract is voidable at anytime at the will of Signatory. Signatory has absolutely no obligation to inform you if contract is or is not in effect. If contract is in effect and your actions or words cause contract to become void, Signatory reserves all rights allowable to her under the laws and regulations of the Country of Thailand, thus caning is completely possible. This contact is exempt from United Nations and all applicable peace treaties. 

So glad you stopped me,
being productive was not really working for me,
 of course I want to hear about your cat. Great talk!

Then again I have just enough room (and time) for love. So I'll just be me - take it as you wish. 

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